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First year of motherhood

Hi mama! I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this as a mum of a 1 year old. It’s true what…


Dear mama to be

I recently read Giovanna Fletcher’s latest book, Letters on Motherhood (which I highly recommend) and it got me thinking about…
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I think that I’ve always been an anxious person. I remember being as young as primary school age and worrying…
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9 month update

9 months.. I feel like we’re edging closer and closer to that one year mark. And I can’t quite believe…
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My goals for 2020

I know some people hate New years resolutions and the whole ‘new year, new me’ bullshit. But I actually do…
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My labour story

I always had a vision of what my birth would be like. Calm, positive mindful. I wanted my birth to…
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Hi there, I’m Sophie Hale  and I am a healthy lifestyle coach and qualified personal trainer. I’m a wife, a…
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