So Jacob is now 10 months and we are creeping towards that 1 year milestone. It seems so strange to even imagine what the next few months are going to bring, it’s just so sad to think that whatever happens, it’s unlikely to be what we thought it would. But I’m not going to start off being negative, we’ve had a lovely 10 months together and we’re all happy and healthy thankfully. Here’s what Jacob is loving at 10 months.
So obviously we haven’t been able to do much in the past month since we’ve been in lockdown. No baby classes, no playdates and he may not be starting Nursery in May like we anticipated. In the past month he’s gone from shuffling on his tummy and commando crawling to a full crawl. He’s started pulling himself up on furniture and walking along it. My nerves are GONE! He can also climb up the stairs now so baby-gates are going to have to be ordered. He walks brilliantly on our fingers so we’re making the most of our time at home and practising his walking lots. He just loves being up and about. I really don’t think it’s going to be long until he’s walking on his own.
Since we’re home now and he’s moving more it’s a struggle to keep him entertained. The only thing he seems to want to do is move about and destroy the place. He very rarely sits for more than 5 minutes and plays. So it means I don’t really get a break until naptime. Remember when they used to just lie in their bouncer all content? Yeah… seems like a distant memory now. He’s got a walker that he pushes along so he enjoys that but we still stand behind him for support. He’s still more interested in more mundane things like remotes, empty egg cartons and anything that’s noisy.
It’s harder to get him to sit still for a bedtime read but he does still love his books. We’re also watching a bit of Blues Clues together when mama just really needs to sit still for 10 minutes, Blue is his favourite. I’ve ordered some foam jigsaw mats so that he can play outside now that the weather is nicer. We only have a small yard so it’s not ideal but it will do hopefully with a mat and some toys I can enjoy the sunshine with him.
Things are so uncertain at the minute. It’s hard on both of us. Spending 12 hours a day keeping him entertained is really hard work when he doesn’t stay still. I know a lot of you can relate to that. I’m so used to just putting him in the pram and taking him round to my mums or for a walk for a change of scenery so I do struggle some days without that break for both of us. But actually, I think this slower pace is much needed. My husband’s still home for the foreseeable and it’s really nice for them to spend more time together and I’ve got an extra pair of hands. It’s not what I expected my last few months of maternity leave to be like, but soon I’ll be back in work, rushing to get us both ready for the day and only getting a few hours with him when I get home from work. So I’m making the most of this time, not putting too much pressure on myself and just being present in the moment.