9 months.. I feel like we’re edging closer and closer to that one year mark. And I can’t quite believe that in a few months time, I’ll have a one year old and will be back in work. But I’m trying to stay positive! I actually think going back to work is going to be good for us both. Jacob will get the attention and care that he needs in nursery, and I will get some time to myself. I’m only going back 3 days so I’m very fortunate that I’ll still get to spend 2 days just the two of us.
So Jacob is 9 months old, and I’m 9 months postpartum, how are we both doing?
Jacob is actually in a really lovely stage at the minute. More than ever his personality is really starting to shine through. He’s a really happy and laid-back baby but he also has lots of energy, loves exploring and is quite independent. He’s really grown from being quite attached to me to enjoying playtime on his own (I think the transition to bottle helped with this). He’s still really affectionate though, and loves a cuddle and sucking his thumb.
He’s finally sleeping through! I know to some this might seem like a long time coming and to others it might seem really soon. But every baby is so different. From day one he’s been a good sleeper considering we were breastfeeding. By 4 months he was sleeping in stretches of about 5-6 hours before waking for a feed. We’ve hit some bumps in the road through regressions and leaps (who hasn’t?!) but I finally feel like he’s generally really settled and sleeps for 12 hours. I know there will be more bumps ahead, but for now I’m enjoying him being a happy baby and I’m soaking up every hour of sleep while I can.
He’s still not crawling but he’s a great commando crawler and is starting to pull himself up on things and does a great downward dog, he’s so strong! He babbles all day and loves to be stood up. I do find it quite difficult to keep him entertained in the day, he just loves shuffling around the room and exploring really. He has loads of energy and just doesn’t stop moving. I think he got this from me..
Still no teeth. His gums have looked ready for a while now but he seems really content so I don’t think we’ll be getting them just yet. God help me when the teething starts!

Now that Jacob has really settled I feel like I’m beginning to find my feet a bit. Motherhood is such a  crazy journey with so many ups and downs. One day I feel like the best mum in the world, other days I feel like I’m failing. But lately, there have been a lot fewer down days so I’m trying to stay positive. My hormones seemed to have evened out after weaning and I’ve got my period back (that was not fun). It’s weird how a little thing like getting your period back that makes you feel like you again. However, my post-breastfeeding boobs were a shock. I’ve had small boobs my whole life and I think I’ve just gotten so used to having bigger boobs over the last 18 months that I forgot what the old ones look like, and they’ve definitely changed. But I can’t complain about the way they look now, they are different but they did something amazing and I’m so grateful.
Now that I’m not breastfeeding I really do think it’s helped me to feel like me again. I can’t wait to wear the clothes I want and buy nice underwear and feel more womanly. I feel like me and David are starting to find more time and energy to be ‘us’ again too, we’ve committed to one date night a month without Jacob and I’m really looking forward to continuing our journey as a married couple and not just as parents.
I’ve committed to looking after myself a bit more. I try to eat healthily and work out at least 3 times a week and walk every day. But between the bad weather and sorting Jacob’s food out, I feel like I’ve neglected my own needs. So I made a promise to make some small changes like walking daily when Jacob’s in bed if I have to, eating proper meals with plenty of veggies and taking Iron supplements. I already feel much happier with more energy so I’ll continue to prioritise my own needs too.
Overall, we’re all in a really happy and steady stage right now (famous last words).
 Happy mum, happy baby!