I know some people hate New years resolutions and the whole ‘new year, new me’ bullshit. But I actually do love a bit of goal-setting. This time of year always feels really special to me but it comes with a lot of heightened emotions, especially now that I’m a new mum. I feel sad that another year has passed, grateful for being another year older, excited about what’s to come but also anxious of the unknown. Regardless of how I feel, I always treat the new year as a fresh start and an opportunity to get re-motivated and evaluate what I really want to focus on. Here are my top priority 2020 goals;

Prioritise self-care

Self-care has had such a moment this year hasn’t it? And I think it’s meaning can be misunderstood. We think of self-care in purely vanity terms sometimes like shaving your legs or booking a nail appointment. Which it is of course, if that’s what makes you feel good. And that’s what self-care is to me, making myself feel good. Whether that’s focusing on looking better in order to feel better, or making myself feel better on the inside. When you’re a new mum, time really isn’t your own and you have to steal little moments in the day for yourself. But I often waste these moments scrolling through my phone when I could be doing something I actually enjoy.
Goal- do 1 thing a day for myself that makes me feel good.

Learn more about Sustainability

I have talked before about switching to a Vegetarian diet in order to do my bit for the planet. But there is so much more than just eating less meat that we can do to be more eco-friendly, and this year I really want to spend some time researching and implementing it.
Goal- Research 2 things that I can do daily aside from what I already do to be more eco-friendly and implement them into my daily routine.

Be fully present

I talked in my recent blog post about what I’ve learnt this year about how I’ve realised the importance of being present. I’m hoping that as Jacob starts to slowly sleep better (a Christmas wish) that I’ll feel more like myself, and find it easier to focus. After Christmas I only have 4 full months off work with Jacob. That kills me inside. But it also makes me more appreciative of the special time we have left together. I also want to be fully present in my job, my relationships and my self-care. All of these things will make me a better mother.
Goal – Meditate for 10 minutes a day (this can be broken up throughout the day)  

Prioritise my health

In previous years, pretty much all of my new year goals would focus on health and fitness but they were mainly goals like ‘lose 1 stone this year ‘have Abs by the end of the year.’ This year, as a mum with a completely new body and a new attitude towards it, I just want to prioritise being healthy. Nothing to do with size, or weight. I just want to feel fit, energised and happy. And I want to set an example to Jacob that we should be eating a balanced diet as a family, and moving daily. Sometimes I slip into the mum habit of eating his leftovers for dinner because I’m too tired to make my own. This stops now!
Goal – Walk daily, and schedule in 3 workouts per week.
Healthy eating goal – Sit together as a family for dinner and eat a home-cooked meal 6 nights out of 7.

Aim for ‘good enough’

I’ve talked about this recently on my Instagram about being a ‘good enough’ mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter. I have always put myself under enormous pressure to do what I feel is my ‘best.’ I do not deal with failure very well. What’s changed for me this year is that I have had to sit comfortably with failure, and the realisation that sometimes, I just can’t give 100% of myself for various reasons. And that’s okay. I just have to remember that I’m going to have days where I go above and beyond all expectations of what I thought I could achieve. And I’ll also have days when all I can manage is getting Jacob dressed and fed. And on those days, that will be good enough.
Goal- Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, or sad or having a bad day. Just ask myself ‘is what I’ve done today good enough?’ If the answer is yes, take 3 deep breaths and let it go and accept that I’ve achieved all I can for that day.

Be brave

When I reflect on some of the things that I’ve done this year, I’m so proud of myself. I used to hate my body, now I’m posting pictures in my pants on social media. I used to lack confidence in my abilities, this year I’ve done things that I never even imagined being capable of. Giving birth was the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it made me a lot more fearless. A lot of the things I was scared of doing, like starting a blog and having people read my most personal thoughts were absolutely nothing in comparison to that experience. So I want to continue being fearless and really push myself out of my comfort zone next year. One of the things I am (stupidly) scared of is driving. I passed my test two years ago and have barely driven since because I just don’t like it.

Goal – Do 1 thing a week that is outside of my comfort zone whether it be big or small.
Goal – Drive at least once a week.