I have always been one for any type of time-saving routine. I love to be productive with my day! But we all know that when it comes to mum life, you’re not longer in control and routines often go out the window.

I asked some of my mummy followers for their best time-saving tips so that we can help each other out. I’ve included them below as well as some of my own recommendations. Let me know if you try any of these or have any more that you want to share with other mamas.
  • “Pantene 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment.” – I’ve actually used this before after my friend recommended it to me and it really does work. I never would have trusted this type of 3 in 1 shampoo but it takes 5 minutes to wash my hair and still does the job.
  • Dry shampoo“- Don’t think I need to say any more do I? I honestly only wash my hair once a week now and that’s totally fine with me as long as I have my trusty dry shampoo.
  • “I always aim to use products that are multi-use.” So I use a moisturiser or serum that I know has light-reflecting particles to give me a glow under makeup. I use a shimmery bronzer that acts as a bronzer and a highlight. I also use bronzer as eyeshadow to save time with more than one palette.
  • “Put your hair in a bun overnight for bouncy waves the next day” I sleep with my hair in a bun every night, it really does give you lovely waves and keeps it away from baby during the night feeds,
  • “Use Vaseline on your wrists before spraying perfume, it makes it last longer so you’re not re-applying throughout the day.” 
  • Use Nipple cream as lip balm. Works a treat!”
  • Batch-cook pureed veggies and freeze them for the week.” I’ll be trying this when Jacob starts weaning. I’ve also been told that freezing them in ice-cube blocks is the perfect amount, one block equals one meal and zero waste.
  • “Menu plan 1 week in advance” – sit down with your partner on a Sunday and decide what meals you and the kids will be eating that week.
  • “Batch cook on a Sunday” once decided what meals you would like and freeze for the week ahead.
  • “Invest in a slow cooker.” We got ours from Aldi. It was inexpensive and perfect for winter months. Simply pop in your ingredients in the morning, go about your day and come home to a fully cooked meal for the whole family.
  • “Get your food delivered.” We order our food from Tesco every week and get it delivered. It saves time because we don’t have to spend our weekends shopping with a baby, and saves money because we’re not tempted by wandering down the aisles and seeing different offers.
  • Load the washing machine in the evening and just switch straight on in the morning.”
  • I use Vanish Fabric Stain remover pre-wash spray on Jacob’s poo-stained clothes. You simply spay it on, throw it in the wash and stains disappear. No scrubbing or soaking.
  • I’ve recently started using The organised mum method (TOMM) app and it’s a game-changer – it gives you a list of cleaning tasks broken down daily into 1 room per day so that you’re only spending 30 mins a day cleaning.
  • “Keep a to-do list” but only write down 3 tasks at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and give up altogether when time’s running out.
  • Lay out everyone’s clothes and packed bags the night before, including yours so that you can just get up and go the next morning.”
  • Keep a cleaning caddy in the bathroom and give it a clean every day after you’ve showered. I wash the shower while I’m in it!”
  • “Have a birthday calendar for all of your family and friends” bulk buy Birthday cards in January so you always have spare cards in your Kitchen drawer.
  • Invest in a coffee machine that schedules your morning coffee on a timer.” I NEED THIS.

https://www.theorganisedmum.blog/- For household cleaning tips