Bored of working out? Here’s how to enjoy exercising again

One of the
biggest problems after having a baby is a lack of energy or motivation to get back into a fitness routine even though you know it would feel good to get moving again. Even if you’re not a mum, we all go through periods of boredom and lack of motivation with our fitness regime.

However, consistency
really is the key to creating and maintaining a healthy body and mind as I’ve said before, ‘you are
what you consistently do
.’ But here’s the secret, as long as you are
consistently challenging yourself and consistently moving, you can make small tweaks
to your regime that might not seem like much but will keep you interested and
motivated to work out. Here are 4 tips on staying motivated when you’re bored of working out.

Find an exercise that you enjoy

It might sound like common sense but so many people
go to the gym because they think they should, not because they actually enjoy
it. Finding an exercise regime that you
actually enjoy isn’t as hard as you think, and it really helps with keeping you
on track. Exercise should be fun, it shouldn’t be seen as a punishment or a chore. Try a new class until you find one that you enjoy and take a
friend along. If you hate lunges, try squats instead. If you hate burpees,
don’t do them. If you get bored of running for 20 minutes on a treadmill, try
doing a 10 minute HIIT workout instead to get it done quicker. Even changing
one or two exercises in your regime or trying some new equipment can help keep you
interested whilst still challenging different areas of your body.

Look for inspiration online

When I’m really lacking motivation and fed up of the same
circuits and exercises, I look to social media for inspiration. Following fitness accounts
and fitness coaches on Instagram offers a wealth of resource for workouts that
you can save to your Instagram and follow in the gym. YouTube is also a great resource for free workouts. Just simply search for workouts that you enjoy or subscribe to someone’s channel who inspires you. Just ensure that the people that you are taking advice from are qualified to provide it.

Stop going to the gym
Okay hear me out… I’m not saying quit exercise all together
because we both know no matter how challenging it is, the benefits of exercise
far outweigh the struggles. But some people genuinely don’t enjoy the hassle of
getting up, travelling to the gym, doing a workout and travelling home exhausted.
And us mums often don’t have the time! It seems like an endless cycle sometimes and becomes a chore. Some of us just don’t have the time or money to spend on a gym
membership. You can always exercise at home by doing bodyweight
exercises or invest in some small dumbbells and resistance bands from Amazon.
Or you could work out at home during the week, and venture into the gym or
a class when you have more spare time at the weekend and then it doesn’t seem as

Change your environment
The great outdoors offers so many opportunities to see different scenery in
different environments whilst enjoying a good workout.  If you’re a runner and normally run through a
lovely park, change it up and run down the beach instead. If you’re a yogi who
normally stays within the confines of your bedroom, try taking your mat into
the garden. Not only does nature have positive effects on our mental health but
small changes to the environment in which we exercise in can help break us out
of a routine. And don’t forget, even a 30 minute walk with your pram and a
takeaway coffee is classed as a workout.
Take a break

There used to be a time when having more than 2 rest days a week would give me anxiety and the only time that I would take a full week off would be when I went on holiday. However, now I’m living a more balanced life I’m okay with acknowledging that sometimes I just need a full week of resting to re-motivate me. Taking a break, relaxing, spending time with family and putting down my phone is often all I need to find the motivation to get back to movement again a week later. So if you’re finding yourself dreading your exercise class, maybe a few days or a full week off is what you need to re-evaluate what you want and come up with a new plan going forward.

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