My health and fitness journey

Okay so
this is a long one… grab a cuppa, settle in and feel free to nap in between.

My health
and fitness journey spans about 5 years. I started working out and eating
better when I first met my husband. This had nothing to do with him or the way
he made me feel, we just had that lovely first few months of eating out every
night and binge-watching TV with McDonalds, and I inevitably put on a bit of
weight and I just decided to make a few small changes. Not knowing that it would be the start of a whole new lifestyle and mindset.

Prior to
this, I was the least fit person you could imagine. I’ve always been slim in
school and had a massive appetite, but I just hated P.E. I
wasn’t sporty at all and to be honest, I’m still not. I don’t like watching or
playing competitive sports, I have zero interest in it. I had a teenage metabolism;
I could eat what I wanted and not have to exercise to stay slim. Fast forward
to 21 and my metabolism slowed, my body shape changed, and I
started to gain weight much more easily (why is life so unfair?) I was naïve and just wanted to be
‘skinny’, so I did every fad diet under the sun, which NEVER worked. I only
exercised for about a week if I was going on holiday, then I would give it up
afterwards. My weight slowly crept up as I started my first full-time job
working in the city centre and I enjoyed plenty of after-work drinks and boozy
lunches. So when I met my husband at 23, I was already living an unhealthy
lifestyle and I just wanted to feel good about myself.

back, I totally threw myself into the deep end. I joined a gym and because I
had no clue what I was doing, I wanted to go to a class first. I went to a
Circuit class with a friend which absolutely killed me but going with a friend made me feel so much better about the situation. I felt so good
afterwards so I persevered and started going twice a week. Around this time I also
started to clean up my diet and eat more healthily, taking packed lunches to
work and cooking my evening meals from scratch as well as doing a lot of
research about nutrition.

Once I had
built up the confidence and the knowledge of how to perform certain exercises, I started doing independent gym sessions. I was nervous at first, and definitely avoided the weights section, but after
a couple of weeks it just became a habit that I didn’t want to miss because I
genuinely enjoyed it and the way I felt after it. Obviously I did lose weight
and my body started changing and getting stronger and more toned, and I’d be
lying if I said the reason I started my fitness journey wasn’t because I wanted
to look a certain way and feel confident about my body. It’s taken me a
full 5 years to get to a place where I exercise to feel a certain way

What I
want people to know is that nobody’s journey is linear. In the last 5 years
I’ve gone through phases of only doing independent gym sessions, only running,
only doing classes, working out 6 times a week to working out 3 times a week,
loving my body to hating it, being underweight to being a healthy weight,
suffering from severe body image issues and needed counselling to being happy
and accepting my body. I’ve experienced it all. And fast-forward 5 years and I’ve gone from doing zero exercise to qualifying as a personal trainer and running my own fitness classes for women. Something that I never would have believed possible. 

But the
most important thing is consistency. I have consistently enjoyed exercise,
learning about exercise and becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition which
led me to changing my lifestyle. I’ve consistently tried to do what’s best for
my body. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt from them. I’ve worked hard to love
who I am. I’ve worked hard to be strong and knowledgeable about fitness so that
I can help others. I’ve consistently tried to make health and fitness a
priority in my life.

A quote
that I live by is ‘you are what you consistently do.’ If you eat well
80% of the time, exercise consistently whether that’s 3 times a week or 5 then
you are going to be in a good place with your health. If
you’re looking to start a health journey, just know that everybody starts
somewhere and it’s never going to be easy or straightforward. But if you’re
consistently trying to do better, it will all be worth it in the end and you
will reap the rewards. The hardest part if starting, after that the only way is up! So book the class, get the membership, buy the exercise mat to use at home or simply start walking every day and you’ll be starting your own journey.

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