3 month post-partum body update

I can’t
believe it’s been 3 months since I was pregnant! I actually really miss being
pregnant, which is crazy considering I spent two weeks walking up and down the stairs
sideways to try and induce labour  because I was FED UP of being

In all
honesty, it was only really when I hit 6 weeks post-partum that I even thought
about my body and how I looked. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times
before then when I’d catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and be shocked at
how squishy my tummy looked, but I’d just been too busy being in love
with being a mum/googling whether 4 outfit changes a day is normal, to even
give it a second thought. There are more important things as a new mum, and
your baby and your mental health should always come first.

The reason
I started to get back on track with my diet and exercise at 6 weeks was purely
because I felt so sluggish and fed up of eating food for convenience. I wanted
to enjoy food again. So how did I start? I started with small changes.
It might take me longer to reach my goal but there’s really no rush and we don’t
need that type of pressure. So here are a few things that I started doing to slowly
get back on track and feel more like myself.
committed to drinking 2L of water a day – breastfeeding makes me super thirsty
so this wasn’t so hard but it’s still really important to always keep a water
bottle with you.

    Herbal tea

     I completely went off green tea when I was
    pregnant but it did wonders for my skin and digestion previously so I’m back on
    it and drinking about 3 cups

    a day.

    set a goal to walk 10,000 steps a day – this is pretty maintainable since I
    walk so much with the pram. If I haven’t hit my goal by dinner time I’ll leave
    the baby with my husband and go for a little stroll with a podcast after
    dinner, which is also great to clear my head.


     I’ve recently cancelled my gym membership. I just don’t have the time at the
    minute so we’ve invested in a spin bike that we keep at home. It may seem a
    little expensive but it’s really been handy to just jump on for 20-30 mins
    whilst Jacob naps in the afternoon. With the money I save on not paying for a
    gym membership every month, it pays for itself!
    Core exercise
     Either after my workout (if he stays asleep) or during another
    naptime, I’ve been doing some really simple 5 minute core exercises and aiming
    to do 24 Kegels a day to start rebuilding my pelvic floor. It’s easy to forget
    to do them, so I’m trying to incorporate them into my workout routine because,
    quite frankly, who wants to wet themselves every time they do some exercise? Another
    great tip is to do 8 with each meal which can help you remember to do them and
    it will soon become a habit.

    Meal prep

     I’ve started to meal prep some meals for the week on a Sunday afternoon
    that I can freeze or keep in the fridge which saves me time during the week.
    I’ve also stopped buying sugary snacks so that they’re not in the house anymore
    for me to reach for when I’m tired. Although I do still eat chocolate every
    day, I just buy smaller bars or some dark chocolate rather than a share bag of
    M&M’s (that inevitably don’t get shared.
    Online shopping
    No, not the ASOS kind. When I was pregnant we started ordering our food from Tesco online and getting it delivered because food shopping had become a chore. We’ve continued to do so and it really does make my life so much easier! It also helps me stay on track. I can just add last weeks shop to the basket and add/subtract what I need for the week, which helps prevent me from getting distracted and buying unnecessary things.

    3 days postpartum


    3 months postpartum

    I don’t like weighing myself but I’m slowly starting to notice a difference in how I feel when I wear my clothes and I definitely feel brighter and more energised (even with the sleep deprivation). Over the next few weeks, as well as walking every day I’ll be aiming for 3 home workouts a week to start building up some strength and improve my fitness levels. But I won’t be making myself feel bad if I miss workout because we can’t really plan our days anymore with kids, can we?!
    It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is different. You might feel ready to get back into some healthy habits at 6 weeks or you might not have the motivation or feel physically ready for another year. Just remember that your body has been through major trauma and you shouldn’t rush its recovery. It’s recommended that you wait to do any exercise other than walking until you’re signed off by your GP which is normally around 6 weeks. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t have to mean massive sacrifices or selfish choices. You may be a mum and your baby comes first, but you are also a priority and you’re worthy of love and self-confidence.

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