10 easy ways to start a fitness routine even if you’ve never exercised before.

are always surprised to hear that I’ve only been active for the last 5 years or
so. I hated P.E in school and would rather be sat inside studying than be out
on the hockey field in a sports skirt in the middle of December (I mean, who
does that sound appealing to really?!) In my late teens and early twenties the
only time I ever exercised was 2 weeks before a girls holiday, running for 45
minutes on a treadmill hoping for a miracle. And as soon as the holiday was
over, the gym membership would be cancelled. So if you’re like me and you’ve
never had a consistent or in fact any type of exercise regime, this is the easy
way to get started.

Set achievable goals

it’s important to understand what you want to achieve from a fitness
journey. Not just what the desired outcome is but why? Do you simply want to
improve your long-term health to live a happier life or would you like to lose
a few pounds to gain some confidence in that new dress? Focus on how you want
to feel rather than how you want to look and I guarantee the aesthetic part
will follow. It’s the positive feeling after finishing your workout that will
keep you coming back, not a six pack. That sense of achievement is constant but
Abs can disappear after two pieces of toast. 

Make small changes

 Making small changes to slowly becoming more active if you currently
don’t exercise at all is the best way to start. These can be as small as
increasing your steps by walking more every day, jogging slowly with intervals
of walking in between or simply doing squats in the ad break whilst watching
telly. Every little helps.

Improve your diet

Make sure that you have also made small changes in your diet otherwise all of
your hard work in the gym will be slowed down by poor food choices. Small
changes to begin with can be as simple as eating more fruit and veg, swapping
your white carbs to brown to increase fibre intake, swapping fizzy drinks for
water and cutting out your sugar in your tea. Research healthy recipes online
and enjoy the process of learning how to nourish and understand your body and
what foods you enjoy.

Invest in some workout equipment

 To build your confidence and master some moves,
start working out at home. All you need is 2 dumbells, a yoga mat and a
resistance band. Or you could start with some bodyweight routines with just a

Utilise online resource for workout plans

Take advantage of the vast amount of resource out there on Instagram, Pinterest
and YouTube to find beginners home workouts.

Try a new workout class

Once you feel more confident, I suggest finding a class that you enjoy.
Fitness is supposed to be fun! For me it was circuit classes, for you it could
be Zumba. As scary as it seems, once you make that first step I promise you
everybody in those classes are going to be supportive and there will be plenty
of people in a similar position to you. And believe me when I say NOBODY IS

Document your progress

 Take progress pictures throughout your journey, I personally don’t use scales
because I don’t think it shows a true picture of how you feel and your
performance. Having progress pictures will give you the motivation to keep
going when you see progress.

Network with others

Classes are a great way to meet like-minded people who can offer advice and
support. Similarly, there are so many social media outlets now that let you
connect with people who are on their own fitness journey. Don’t be afraid to
reach out, make friends and take inspiration from others and follow their
workouts. You could even start your own fitness Instagram to hold yourself

Brave the gym

Once you’ve gained your confidence through home workouts and classes,
why not try the gym? The gym isn’t for everyone and I relied on home workouts
and classes for a good 6 months before even attempting the weights section. But
once I made that step, the fear disappeared. You’ll find that you have gained
so much knowledge of correct form and exercises that work for you that it will
easily translate into a gym routine. And if you’re not sure, ask someone who
works there or take a friend with you. 

Have fun and be yourself

 Above all, a fitness journey should be exciting. It’s a
positive change in your life that can influence so many different aspects like
your relationships, your mental health and even your career. It can give you
confidence in your abilities and a better understanding of what you want in
life. But only do what feels right to you, don’t take classes you hate because
you know that they burn 1000 calories, don’t run 5 miles if it bores you. Enjoy
the journey and always look to change up your routine so you don’t get bored.
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