How to make time for yourself when you have a busy schedule

We all
know what it’s like trying to fit everything
into our days – careers, family time, socialising, keeping fit and finding
time to unwind from our busy day. But it is possible to achieve our goals,
maintain a happy work-life balance and stay sane with some clever planning and


What is your priority for the day? Order your daily tasks and a to-do list in order of priority and start with the most important first. This allows you to understand what you feel is most important in your life, and whether or not you’re currently making enough time for it. From this, you can understand what you are currently making a priority and what should become a priority. I only ever write 3 things on my to-do list to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Try writing down 3 of your most important priorities to do for the day while the baby naps. 3 tasks to complete really doesn’t feel like such a big job once it’s broken down.

Ask yourself what your priorities are, whether it’s for that day or for the month. Change your way of thinking. Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time to exercise’ change this thought process to ‘exercising isn’t my priority right now.’ See how this feels – if it doesn’t feel right because you know your health is important to you, make time for it on your to-do list.
Get up early
Something that has really helped me be more productive is waking up earlier (who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby?) Try waking up an hour earlier every day for a week and using this time to do something you don’t normally have the time to do. Doing this consistently will eventually become a habit and it will be easier to do when you start looking forward to doing something you enjoy whilst the world sleeps.
Scheduling my day is so important for making sure I don’t waste valuable time where I could be doing something productive. Write down every morning what your schedule is, even down to scheduling ‘fun’ time where you can do whatever you feel like doing, whether that’s working out or winding down with a glass of wine. If it’s written down, your schedule is easier to stick to and holds you accountable. I use a to-do list pad like this one!
Digital Detox
This has been a really big one for me lately. I recently downloaded the Moment app which calculates how much time you spend on your phone and I was shocked by my phone usage. I was spending at least 3 hours a day mindlessly scrolling when feeding. Imagine what else we could use that time for? I know that it’s hard if you’re sat down feeding for hours, but you can still use that time more productively as down time. Read a book, listen to a podcast or plan your week ahead – these all feel much more enjoyable than looking at bikini pics on Instagram while you’re sat around in big pants.

What are some of your organisation tips for a productive day?

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